Small Wonders LLC


Experienced childcare provider

Welcome to Small Wonders, LLC, where your child is nurtured with loving care, respect, and direction. Your child’s primary caregiver will be Lauri Rodriguez, who will promote an atmosphere of warmth, fun, creativity, and safety. The quality of care that Small Wonders, LLC provides comes from more than 29 years of experience. Small Wonders Childcare has been awarded 4-star status by Quality First, a signature program of First Things First.

Professional home environment

Your child will have a ‘homey’ environment, plenty of playtime, and attention to developmental needs at every stage of his or her growth. We believe that a good self-worth gives a child the equipment they will need to be successful at anything they wish to accomplish in life. All children deserve a safe place to explore their interests. We have an environment designed to give young minds the fuel they need to learn, understand themselves within a community, eat good wholesome food together, and have fun learning concepts and skills through play.

Rotating preschool curriculum

The teachers at Small Wonders use 'Emergent Learning' techniques to teach the children. When children experience delight and a sense of success during their activities, their brain cells establish permanent connections between the activity, the feelings of delight, and the success it inspires. Therefore, our first and most important goal with emergent curriculum is to inspire delight, curiosity, and inquiry in the classroom. Doing so has been proven to build intrinsic motivation to enhance a long-term love of learning. These are the greatest gifts our teachers can give a child in preparation for their primary school experience. Our children come together in activities for all ages and within their own specific age groups. Children will have dedicated time to study various knowledge centers, and a bounty of experience with art tools and stations. We also practice basic usage of Spanish and Sign Language!

Hours and Rates

Open 24/7

Full Time (regular hours): $205 per week
Full Time (outside of regular business hours): $250 per week
Drop-in: $50 per day, $75 per day for over 10 hours
Before/After School: $125
Overnight: $165 per week
Part Time Overnight: $50 per night

Call Lauri at 602-710-4555 to schedule a tour